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LPCS is a unique and diverse department. The faculty and students celebrate this diversity and believe that an important part of becoming an educated person is achieving an understanding of one’s self, others and how we connect with each other and the world. The department invites all those interested in exploring thought, expression, and values in a global context to join with us.

Assistant Professor of Health Communication

SPRING 2019 Global Communication Studies Major Applications

Use these links to submit your  Global Application online. Deadline is  Wednesday January 16 @11:59 pm no acceptions

 Policy for Credit by Advanced Coursework, and Departmental Language Exams

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Latest News

PORT faculty 2Cacilda Rego, Marcus Brasileiro,
Rubynara Carvalho
“New Portuguese Major"

September 11, 2018


Jennifer PeeplesJennifer Peeples
“Advanced Conflict: Applying Knowledge to Help the Community”
May 1, 2018

Elena Harrison Elena Shvidko and Harrison Kleiner
“Empowering Teaching Excellence” updated

May 1, 2018

JAPN Honor Society 2018Japanese Program
"Japanese National Honor  Society 2018"
Aril 25, 2018



Languages, Philosophy and Communication Studies

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