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About the Department

You might be wondering how such very different disciplines ended up in one single department.  The answer is a mix of historical accidents and administrative necessity.  Once upon a time, there was a Department of Languages at USU.  One of the professors in the Department began to offer Philosophy courses, out of pure love for the subject (acting upon a demand from a national accrediting agency).  Eventually, more philosophers were added to the Department until the name had to be changed to Languages and Philosophy.  then it happened that a small program in Speech Communication was in search of a departmental home, and it joined us.  the Speech program grew and flourished, and finally we became what we are today. 

The Department of Languages, Philosophy and Communication Studies is a friendly and vibrant community of more than 30 scholars in many diverse disciplines. We offer majors in Asian Studies, French, German, Spanish, Philosophy, Communication Studies, and Global Communication, and minors in Japanese, Chinese, Linguistics, Latin American Studies, Organizational Communication, and Russian, as well as a master of second language teaching degree.

We are a robust and growing department. In 2010 we added Arabic to our department.  In 2011 the Intensive English Language Institute (IELI), which works with many of our International Students to ensure they are prepared for coursework outside their native language  joined the department.  We are thus nearly a whole college in and of ourselves). January 2012 Speech Communications was changed to Communication Studies.  Now we are officially Languages, Philosophy and Communication Studies.

Our goal is to provide support and encouragement to our faculty and students in their academic pursuits. We sponsor clubs, lectures, study abroad programs, and multidisciplinary inquiry—indeed; we are ready to entertain any creative way of getting involved with what's going on in our department!

So come visit us, or join us, as we encourage one another to think for ourselves and communicate with the world!