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Megan Fritts

Megan Fritts


Temporary Assistant Professor

Contact Information

Office Location: ECC 108H
IconPhone: 435-797-1032

Educational Background

Undergraduate degrees in Philosophy and Creative Writing at the University of Missouri - Kansas City. Graduate studies at the University of Wisconsin - Madison.


Megan Fritts works primarily at the intersection of action theory and ethics. Her research concerns questions about how we explain what we are doing, and how these questions bear on theories of self and theories of agency. She also has a passion for 19th century philosophy, especially the work of Søren Kierkegaard. Her research here concerns notions of religious faith that do not fit neatly into contemporary epistemological categories. Finally, she is currently doing work in technology ethics, focusing on the possibility of agency in artificial intelligence. Her work has appeared in Inquiry, Syndicate, and a forthcoming volume from Lexington books. She has also made many written contributions to public philosophy in the Blog of the APA and Point Magazine, as well as given public talks on the ethics of sacrifice and supererogation.