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Mollie Murphy

Mollie Murphy

Communication Studies

Assistant Professor

Contact Information

Office Location: Lundberg 203
IconPhone: 435-797-0334

Educational Background

  B.A., Communication Studies, University of Montana, 2012
  M.A., Communication Studies (Rhetoric and Public Discourse),
  University of Montana, 2014

  Ph.D., Communication Studies (Rhetorical Studies), University
  of Georgia, 2018


  Mollie specializes in rhetorical criticism and theory. Her research focuses most heavily on examining how social justice activists--particularly those aligned with the environmental justice and/or feminist movements--navigate rhetorical challenges. She is also interested in the ways in which media recuperate racism and/or misogyny. Her work has been published in Argumentation and Advocacy, Women's Studies in Communication, and The Howard Journal of Communications. She is currently working on a project aimed toward understanding how anti-fracking activists in New York rhetorically align economic prosperity and environmental health. Mollie teaches courses in rhetorical criticism, gender, and interpersonal communication.