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Spanish Clubs and Activities

USU Spanish Club

When: Every Wednesday
Where: Old Main Basement Lounge
Time: 4:00 p.m.

President:  Riley Hunter  
Vice President: Riley May  

Club Advisor : Professor Crescencio Lopez

Facebook: El Club de Español USU

Spanish club 2020

Latinx Creative society 2019



USU Latina/o Creative Society

When: Every Thursday
Where: Old Main Honors Lounge, basement of Old Main
Time: 4:00 p.m.

Facebook: USU Latina/o Creative Society

Spanish Ambassadors
Meetings: Meetings have not been scheduled for Fall Semester yet. 
Program Director: Aaron Oborn
Advisor: Michelle Allgood

Medical Unity - Medical Spanish Club
A club for those interested in health care careers

President: James Rohwer
Club Advisor: Professor Jilda Yap

Club and Activity Photos

Spanish Club Members

Spanish Club members Spring of 2020

Spanish Club members Spring 2020 


Day of the Dead 2018

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day of dead 3 19

day of dead 19 2

day of the dead 4 18

day of dead 5 19

day of dead 6 18

day of dead 7 19

day of dead 8 18

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