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Asian Studies
Mapping: Curriculum and Program Learning Objectives

Our mapping process connecting objectives with set classes is still in process. Our initial review includes the following:

Objective 1:
    Advance students' linguistic proficiency and vocabulary in speaking, listening, reading, and writing in an Asian language.

    Classes: All language specific courses in Arabic, Chinese, Japanese, and Korean.

Objective 2:
    Prepare students for a wide variety of professional activities in which knowledge of Asian languages and/or cultures is important.

    Classes: We believe all courses have relevance to this objective.

Objective 3:
    Provide students with a historical understanding of Asia.

    Classes: The following History classes help to support this objective -- 1060, 3110, 3410, 3460, 3482, 3483, 3489, 3490, 3560, and 4821.

Objective 4:
    Acquaint students with the contemporary social norms, political structures, and economic systems of multiple Asian countries.

    Classes: ARBC 3030 and 4040, LANG 3550 and 3570, PHIL 3710, POLS 3230, 3250, 4230, RELS 3010, 3020, 3820, 4010, 4560. In addition, all of the Asian language courses include cultural aspects to support this objective.

Objective 5:
    Help students better understand cultural nuances of multiple Asian communities.

    Classes: All classes assist with this goal. Students are encouraged by the structure of the major to take a variety of courses.