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Communication Studies Program
Mission Statement

Communication Studies has been taught continuously at USU almost from the founding of this institution in 1888. Coursework in the Communication Studies program in the Department of Languages, Philosophy, & Communication Studies supports the University Studies program and can lead to a major in Communication Studies, a minor in Organizational Communication or a minor in Speech Communication Teaching. The major helps students understand (1) the role communication plays in creating and maintaining human organizations and societies, (2) how people exercise influence in the social world, and (3) how to develop appropriate and effective communication competencies needed to live a productive life.

The minor program in Organizational Communication is designed for students seeking communication and human relations competencies and the critical thinking skills required for success in a variety of careers. The course of study leading to a minor in Speech Communication Teaching is designed to develop the communication competencies and the understanding of communication processes and theory necessary for effective high school speech communication instruction.