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MSLT students service-learning projects benefit immigrant and refugees


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Emma Duncan and Bracken Lind
Emma Duncan and Bracken Lind

Two students in the Master of Second Language Teaching program  recently carried out service-learning projects that benefit the immigrant and refugee clients of local non-profit organizations.  The students are Emma Duncan and Bracken Lind


In December, Emma Duncan completed design and production of an entirely new curriculum for the English Language Center of Cache Valley (ELC) for their basic Intro to Using the Computer class.  She did a splendid job starting at the absolute beginning and devising Can-Do Statements for things such as “I can turn the computer on and off; I can identify the mouse, screen, and keyboard of a computer”, “I can open a browser”, and moving to more complex tasks such as “I can send an email”, “I can make, save, and retrieve a Word document”. She added lots of visuals and included many practice-oriented activities for learners who face English language challenges. Her work was outstanding. It’s already such a benefit to the folks at the ELC. A person to contact there regarding the impact of Emma’s work is Jessica Francom (


Bracken is finishing up a curriculum project for Cache Refugee & Immigrant Connection (CRIC) that will enable tutors and CRIC clients to work one-on-one to study for the written portion of the Utah Driver License Test, which CRIC clients find very difficult to pass. Bracken’s work is terrific.  It’s going to be such a benefit to the folks at CRIC.


We are proud of these students and their initiative. By responding to a community organization’s request, they helped the organization address the very practical learning needs of people who face English-language hurdles. These semester-long service-learning projects are also great examples of why Utah State was awarded a Carnegie Classification of Community Engagement.