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ITA Workshop: Developing Professional Knowledge


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IELI International teaching assistants
IELI International teaching assistants and faculty

Open Educational Resources: Developing International Teaching Assistants’

Professional Knowledge

International teaching assistants (ITAs) – graduate students assigned to teach undergraduate courses at USU – often start their teaching assignments with no or limited teaching experience. Therefore, being provided with access to insights about teaching at USU from other more experienced ITAs is a valuable resource for this group of educators. Given IELI support, several successful ITAs were invited to share their perspectives on teaching at USU, talk about their positive experiences as well as challenges while teaching at USU and the strategies they used to handle them. The video containing their insights (interviews) has been recently produced through the collaboration with the USU Media Productions. The ITAs involved in the project come from a number of disciplines (engineering education, electrical engineering, computer science, and language teaching) and various countries (Jordan, India, and Russia), thus illustrating the uniqueness and diversity of teaching experience here, at USU. These instructional videos will be incorporated in the current curriculum in IELI 7920 (ITAs’ training workshop) and are already available for all faculty involved in ITAs’ training at all other U.S. universities.

The next stage of the project will engage experienced USU faculty members from various disciplines (e.g., LPCS, Civil Engineering, Biology, and others) who will share their expertise and advice in a series of short instructional videos, which will also be posted online. These participating faculty members will share their insight working with USU students and discuss instructional strategies that they find particularly effective for teaching in their discipline at USU. Some of these faculty members supervise international graduate students and based on this experience, will talk about the major highlights and possible pitfalls of teaching in the U.S. as an ITA. Overall, this project will portray various images and voices of both USU graduate students and faculty and promote discussions about teaching and in various educational settings. This video series is available through the IELI website at the following address:

The names of the participants left to right (in the picture): Apoorva Chauhan, Marina Krutikova, Murad Mahmoud, and Aatreyi Bal


By Dr. Ekaterina Arshavskaya, ITAs workshop coordinator