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Master's Degree in Communication Studies

The Masters' degree in Communication Studies is a face-to-face program focused on understanding how communication in human interaction can build relationships that enact positive interpersonal, organizational, and social change. Graduates of this program will be able to apply their skills and disseminate their knowledge in ways that enable greater collaboration and cooperation in a variety of contexts, whether they enter the workforce upon graduation or enroll in a Ph.D. program.

This degree will:

  • enhance your personal career objectives by preparing you to advance in careers that highly value communication skills in managing conflict, building cooperative relationships and teams, and facilitating positive change.
  • train you to impart the knowledge you gain to others through teaching opportunities and community engagement.


Teaching graduate students is exciting because seminars offer an intellectual space to both challenge the knowledge in our field and to create new knowledge together.

- Tim Curran, USU Assistant Professor of Communication Studies