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Nicole Allen
Research interests: My research foci include rhetorics of time-temporality as they relate to  (inter)(trans)national politics. Currently my geographical emphases focus on Argentina and Iraq. My latest research project examines the ways that political movements use synchronization as a temporal-political strategy.

Teaching interests: I am excited to work with graduate students to help attune their rhetorical sensibilities for use in every day discussions and engaged scholarship.  I am always happy to have my scholarly frontiers expanded by graduate student interests.

Clair CanfieldClair Canfield
Research interests: Conflict, Forgiveness, Pedagogy

Teaching interests: Conflict, Public Speaking, Interpersonal Communication, Pedagogy

I get excited when I witness how our graduate students develop the ability to put into practice and communicate to others how to apply the concepts and theories within our discipline.

Tim CurranTim Curran
Research interests: Intergenerational transmissions of communication skills and mental/physical health; Family communication climates; Cognitive flexibility and overall well-being

Teaching interests: Relational communication (families and interpersonal), Health communication, Quantitative methods and statistics

Teaching graduate students is exciting because seminars offer an intellectual space to both challenge the knowledge in our field, and to create new knowledge together. My courses will explore the various impacts that interpersonal and health communication have on our everyday lives. We will also engage with the theories that explain human behavior and how communication relates to physical and mental health.

Jason Gilmore Jason Gilmore
Research interests: National identity discourse (e.g. American exceptionalism) Presidential discourse at the international and transnational levels Effects of global discourse on cognition and public opinion Communicating human difference

Teaching interests: Global Communication, Intercultural Communication, Culture and Public Discourse
I am excited to work with students who live and breathe communication, who are fascinated by how humans interact and how we communicate not only at the interpersonal level, but through communications at the public level. I am interested in working with students who are specifically interested in how communication interacts with culture and human difference. I feel I am best qualified to work with students interested in communication at the intercultural, national, international, and transitional levels.

brad hallBrad Hall
Research interests: I focus on how people establish and maintain membership within a variety of communities and the consequences this membership work has on a variety of interactions

Teaching interests: I teach courses that deal with cultural communication, organizational communication, communication theory, and how the language we use shapes and is shaped by our thoughts and actions

I love the opportunities that graduate classes give to go into depth on particular subjects. The level of engagement with the material is generally greater with graduate students and this encourages collaborative relationships between the students and the faculty. It is always satisfying to help students transform into successful scholars in the communication field.

mollie murphyMollie Murphy
Research interests: Rhetorical criticism and theory, social movements, gender, environmental advocacy, race and racism

Teaching interests: Rhetorical criticism, social movements, and gender

I see graduate education as offering a rich, focused environment for both professors and students to gain a deeper understanding of communication in its various forms. I am particularly enthusiastic about the opportunity to work with those who have an interest in understanding and engaging in social justice advocacy.

jen peeplesJennifer Peeples
Research interests: Environmental Rhetoric, visual rhetoric, toxins (yes, really), fossil fuel industries, and climate change

Teaching interests: Environmental communication, visual communication, textual analysis conflict management, and interpersonal communication

I think graduate classes are at their best when they exist at the intersection of communication research and pressing social issues; where engaged people are encouraged to bring their knowledge, research and life experiences into the classroom; and where thoughtful discussion can go to places uncharted by the professor. That is when the magic happens. Students will take from my classes a critical and complex understanding of how public discourse constructs the world around us.

kaitlin phillipsKaitlin Phillips
Research interests: The interplay between family and personal identity focusing on how people create family identity and solidarity, and the perceptions of difference in relational quality across family members

Teaching interests: Interpersonal, Family, Intergroup, and Quantitative methods

I'm excited to mentor graduate students and help them find their academic voice. Graduate school gives students the opportunity to research what interests them, and I'm excited to help facilitate that process.

matt sandersMatthew Sanders
Research interests: Communication Pedagogy, Nonprofit Organizations

Teaching interests: Organizational Communication, Communication Pedagogy, Qualitative Methods

Very excited to help new graduate students learn to become capable teachers and see how teaching communication improves students’ ability to work with live well with others. Also excited to help them see how organizations can help promote positive social change through communication practices.

john seiterJohn Seiter
Research interests: Social Influence, Hospitality, Nonverbal Communication

Teaching interests: Social influence

Working with graduate students provides unique opportunities for student/mentor research. I am interested in sharing with students my understanding of social influence, which is the fountainhead of our discipline. Studying its rich past, currents trends, and promising future is essential to pursuing a degree in Communication Studies.


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