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Global Communication

The global communication degree at USU is the only one in the state. It is an applied, multidisciplinary program that educates students about other cultures and prepares them to work and communicate effectively in an increasingly more global environment. Students are equipped with basic skills in communication, such as interpersonal communication, intercultural communication, influencing skills, and listening skills.

Coursework is comprised from a variety of departments and areas, including history, political science, ethics, and more, providing students with a well-rounded knowledge of other cultures. Students also gain proficiency in a foreign language so they can fully and effectively communicate with individuals and organizations in other countries. There are also a variety of study abroad opportunities through the department that can help students fulfill the program’s foreign language requirements and give them valuable experience living and studying overseas.

As technological advances bring the world’s peoples closer together, the ability to communicate effectively across cultures and languages is becoming increasingly valuable. Excellent communication skills are highly valued by employers, and in this age of multinational corporations, businesses are looking for employees who speak a second language. In addition, positions with nonprofit organizations and various government agencies encourage strong communication skills, second language abilities, and a broad understanding of globalization.

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